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This page celebrates the park in April...more pages which show it in other months..
April is spring in full bloom month.

Here is a Japanese Cherry tree

and Daffodils near St Andrew's gate Queen Mary's Garden.

Magnolias in bud
in Queen mary's gardens .
The first two pictures were taken on April 1st, 2005
This was taken on the 3rd of April and shows white cherry blossom .
yellow daffodils and red tulips .
near the lake.
herons in the April sunshine
near Hanover Bridge .

white cherry blossom .
in 2005.
Looking towards Chester Gate .
through the side gate of Queen Mary's Gardens
in the English Garden
the flowerbed
in the secret garden
The flower bed in the English garden .
mixed colours.
April showers
outside the other Gate to Queen Mary's Garden .
cherry blossom reflected in the water.
. a walk round the big lake
yet another April colour
for a rose for every month of the yearexcept April go toRoses through the YearNo roses in March, either
This was at the end of April when the trees are in full leaf .To see Regents Park in May go to May