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This page celebrates the park in December....more pages which show it in other months..
December is a month that can be freezing cold or pleasantly warm.

An Tree in Queen Mary's Gardens

still showing autumn colours.

Roses are still thriving
even though other plants have yellowing leaves .
The waterfall and the island
in Queen Mary's garden.
The entrance to the secret garden .
in mid-afternoon.
still green willows.

roses .
with a background of bare trees and autumn leaves .
winter roses.
and winter trees
Long winter shadows.
in the secret garden
a solitary rose .
And a bright blue sky
Blue December Sky.
the bridge to the alpine garden.
A.bare tree
near the rose garden cafe.
Another rose February.
looking cold and wet. birds
Snow near Clarence Gate.
a rare sightRoses through the Year
A snowman near st Andrews gate.
This was taken in December 2000.To see the lake in winter and other scenes in the park in January go to January