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  Regents Park-The Inner Circle
the park in December

the park in February

The lake in the Rose Garden

the park in June

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This page celebrates the inner circle.Other pages show other parts of Regent's Park..
If you walk clockwise round the park beginning near the cafe entrance to Queen Mary's Gardens, here is what you will see..

The Gates to the Holme

The Holme, is a private villa ,open to the public twice a year. .

The Holme
seen from the inner circle .
Near the Long Bridge
There are some lovely trees here including oaks..
Across the Road .
Inside the fence around Queen Mary's gardens are trees that are pretty on spring and throughout the year .
St John's Lodge
in April when the inner circle is full of pink and white blossoming trees.

The gates of the secret garden .
The secret Garden around the year

Near Chester Gate .
early April
The Chester Gate.
and a view across the inner circle to an avenue of trees
More blossom .
These trees are behind the roses
A map of the inner circle .
showing the roads that lead off it and the features of Queen Mary's Gardens

The main gate of Queen Mary's Gardens .
early spring
The same scene .
late spring Roses through the Year.
A lovely tree in the English garden .
A picture of the gates in the summerNovember

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The Holme, an early 19th century villa with a lovely gardenrarely open to the public
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