The walk to Queen Mary's Gardens
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The secret garden round the year

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The entrance to the secret garden

The Clarence gate entrance with links to three walks

More secret Garden

Nash Terraces

A tree for all Seasons

More Terraces

more secret Garden

More terraces of Regents Park

Nash and The Terraces

This shows what you would see if you continue your walk
this is a short walk taking you from the end of the bridge near Regents College to the Rose Garden

This is a view looking to your left at the lake
The grass is covered in white blossoms and the deck chairs lie in a pile ready to be put up if we have a hot april day
This is the band stand
Its a Victorian band stand and there is a plaque commemorating the army bandsmen killed in an IRA
If you look ahead there is an area of grass
The trees are covered in white blossom in spring.

If you look behind you
you can see the flowerbeds and the tower of the Abbey National
This is the path in September
Ahead of you you can see the gate
Beyond it is the inner circle. click for a walk round the inner circle
The inner circle is road in the park that circles Queen Marys Gardens
If you cross the road you will find one of the entrances to the garden.