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Entrance to the Secret Garden

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This is the secret garden in Regents Park( please be patient while the pictures load
It is a haven of peace and quiet. A good place to go with a favourite book or just to sit and think.Go with a friend or spouse but never with more than 2 other people.

This is a circle garden which is one part of the garden of St Johns Lodge.

It was photographed in late summer.

this is the entrance to the garden
It looks lovely at any time of the year
here is a map of the garden
On the left of the map is the entrance where the arbour is which appears twice on this page. Then in the middle is a large circle with a fountain in the middle. And behind that are a large circle and two small circles shaped roughly like a mickey mouse head and ears.
Here is a view of the fountain
It shows Lycas , a friend of Hercules and a mermaid.
this is a corner of the central garden near the fountain
you can see the statues in the distance
The Garden in March
All you can see are the lavender bushes, but more and more flowers appear through the seasons.
the garden in April
Here are the daffodils .
Autumn Colours in the Garden
The Lime Trees and other trees are just part of the lovely aspects of the garden.
The Garden in Spring
This is very early blossom .
Whatever the time of year, there are new things to see in the garden.
The statue on the fountain in December
I have another with the fountain frozen
this is the statue reflected in the fountain
Here is a reflection of the statue taken on the 21st of February.
St Johns Lodge
This was the house that was leased by the Marquess of Bute who made this garden.
The Pergola in the middle of May
This is yet another shot of the entrance to the Secret Garden showing how it changes through the seasons.

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