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More Terraces of Regents Park...
The other page shows the Terraces which were named after the Royal Dukes.Here are some more.!

This is another view of Park Villageclick here for the Park Village west website
"The Regent's Park is a scene of enchantment where we might find ourselves surrounded by the quiet charms of a smiling landscape or in the delightful garden of a magnificent country house if we did not see on every side a countless number of masnions adorned with colonnades,porticos ,pediments and statues which transport us back to London"wrote the Vicomte d'Arlingcourt in 1844.
Chester Terrace.
He continued "...but London is not here..that gloomy commercial city ...purified from its smaoke and has become the perfumed abode of the aristocracy.No artisans's dwellings are to be seen here.Nothing less than the habitations of princes. You can see Cumberland Terrace at Dukes and Terraces.Next to it is Chester Terrace.Beyond that is Cambridge Terrace also on the previous page.
This is Cambridge Gate
It dates from 1875 and replaces the Colosseum designed by Decimus Burton in 1827.
The old colloseum
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The Diorama
Ulster Terrace.
Ulster Terrace
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Cornwall Terrace
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