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Nash and The Terraces

This page celebrates the lake in the Garden in Spring....more pages which show it at other seasons..
The trees are covered in blossom,and there are daffodils.

This shows the wonderful pink blossom

and daffodils as well, which brighten up the park in February and March.

Another view of the lake.
with the daffodils in bloom and the first leaves on the trees.
This shows the lake, with the first greenery
More trees are in leaf but the big ones are still bare.
By April,more of the trees are green.
There is an alpine garden on an island in the lake and a rockery.
More blossom in early Spring
The roses so prevalent all the year round except in March and April are just leaves, but you can see some cheerful red tulips in the distance.

Another view of the lake.
Lovely pink blossom, but still the big trees are bare.
More of the same.
another view of the lake
A tulip tree.
Or are they magnolias?
Late Spring.
Another picture of one of my favourite spots, the island on the lake in the rose garden.
Another view of the island. The willow has leaves and there is more pink blossom.
Late spring.
This the lake in March showing the daffodils and some white blossom.
A family of swans.
Cygnets in May. On other pages you can see the cygnets as they grew up.Until the lpage is ready take a look at more birds at Ro
A rose in early February.
The roses last from May to FebruaryRoses through the Year
The alpine garden and the cascade.
This was taken in February.To see the lake in winter and other scenes in the park in January go to January