The Formal Gardens and the Robert Rae Statues
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Pictures from the south east part of Regents Park
These are pictures taken in four different places in Regents Park over different seasons. They show the sculptures by Ronal Rae near St Andrews gate, they show scenes of the formal gardens near the Avenues, they show scenes from the more informal gardens near St Andrews Gate and finally they show three scenes of the inner circle.

Robert Rae's "Wounded elephant"

The "wounded elephant" in winter

and here it is in the Spring

The Fountain in "The Avenues"

a flower bed in April

and in September

The Avenue in December

in early spring

and here it is in April

tulips in the Avenue Gardens

Tulips in April in the Avenues

The Lion

Avenue Gardens in June

The "Cable" Flower bed in Spring

Cable Garden in September

Horse- by Ronald Rae

Bear- By Ronald Rae


The Elephant again in spring again


Face- by Ronald Rae

Mother and Calf Elephant

The Wounded Elephant- again

Boy and calf

Spring by St Andrew's Gate

Another View of the same

Daffodils and Blossom

The Inner Circle in Spring

A tree in the Inner Circle

The inner circle in Winter


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