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This page is my own page. It will have lots of information and take a long time to make. You can see my husband's and children's websites by clicking below. My parents, born 10000 miles apart in Madras and Chicago and my father's job as a YMCA secretary gave me the opportunity to travel. I was born in England but by the time I was seven I had been as far North as Stockholm, as far west as Chicago and as far south as Madras- a real Globe Toddler as well as to Ireland and Denmark.

You can read about my world travels on several webpages. There will be one on Globetoddlers,and I have done one on Kodaikanal in South India and others on my own and my childrens travels.Coming soon-, My World Travels,much more about London, Elephants, quizzes, poems and a lot more, so bookmark this and come back soon.There are already several pages on Regent's Park too.

Below are some that are nearly ready.Two London pages telling the history of London in verse, my Dad's pages, my world travels and a history of developmental disabilities or Mental handicap.from 1000 AD to 2000 AD

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Early History of London Later History of London

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