A History of Mental Handicap/Learning Difficulties from 1000AD to 2000AD-

This site is about the history of people who have been described over the years as fools and intellectually impaired, mentally retarded and developmentally delayed, mentally handicapped and learning disabled, They have faced oppression and prejudice in the past but now are beginning to be recognised as individuals who should be included , respected and valued who have equal civil rights and who are unique indivuduals who can offer a great deal and live rich fulfilled lives just like anyone else.

To paraphrase Eliza Doolittle, " it is not so much what a person is called but how s/he is treated which is important.

This page will link you to a biography of John Langdon Down and A History of People with a learning disability from ancient times to 2000AD entitled"IDIOTS,IMBECILES AND INTELLECTUAL IMPAIRMENT".The author has a daughter with Downs Syndrome and a Master's degree in History.from the University of Cambridge

It will also link you to other History of Disability Sites on the World Wide Web


Introduction From Ancient times to 1200AD|
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Chapter Two .the mediaeval period 1200-1450|
Chapter Three Renaissance, Reformation and Beyond1450-1800|
Chapter Four Incarceration, Segregation and Eugenics 1800-1945|
Chapter Five Inclusion Civil Rights and a Better Life?1945-2000|
A biography of John Langdon Down
Gordon Slater's response to the case of a doctor who was acquitted of murdering a baby with Downs Syndrome in 1981.
Slater Family Home Page | Karen's Website |
Here are some excellent sites..
A very good history of disability site
Very useful site on "Idiocy" We Support the World Association of Persons with Disabilities
A little more about Dr Down and a better photo
A fascinating page of paintings from the Renaisance and later
The theories of Dr Down |
A cornucopia of sites on the history of disability

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