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I have lots of friends, Grandma, Mummy, Daddy,Paul.( with me in the above picture) Katie, Shaza, Fadwa, Elizabeth,Anthony, Gurnis,Patrick, Tony,Liz, Rachel, Fiona, Sonia, Jenny, Michael Henry, David, Wing,Irene, Marianne,Zainab and Polly as well as others. I was at Derwen College until July 2000. Then I went to PIP, the Paddington Integration Project. Now I go to lots of different adult education classes.You can read it if you click here..My classes At the moment, in March 2004 was going to lots of different classes at adult education colleges- Art, Performance ( dance and drama), Computers, Jazz, Drama ,London guide, womens' group as well as Relaxation and Massage.Now I am doing some different courses including Keep Fit and cookery. I play in a football team on Sunday.,


I moved into my own flat, click here to see it , with support in May 2004.

You can read what my mum says about my birth, babyhood, and my early childhood or read about me growing up my skill at sports, , music ,my brushes with Fame,and people who have helped me|my achievements|

There are lots of things I like to do. I like watching videos. My favourites are Mr Bean, Home Alone, Beethoven, Honey I shrunk the Kids, Matilda and lots of others. I like watching WWF wrestling videos too! I also enjoy taking photographs, going swimming, listening to music on my tape player and going to museums.

I also enjoy going on holidays. My favourite is to go to Center Parcs in Holland and England. I have also been to Denmark, France,Switzerland, Spain, Malta, Wales, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, Austria,USA, Canada, Sweden, Germany , Monaco and Liechenstein. In April 2000 I went to Spain

I went to America in 2001and Sweden in 2002.| Ireland in 2003 and Canada (Nova Scotia and PEI) in 2004.In 2005 I went to Normandy in France

In America and I saw Mummy's cousin Arden.I saw Jackie , Carolyn, Katie, Emily, Amy, Bernadette, Darran, Krystal and lots of other nice people. I liked the Space Centre at Houston best , seeing my friends in Nashville and going to Carolines house, but i didnt like the frogs at her house and the crickets at Arden's house. The best thing in Colorado was meeting baby Sebastien and the best thing in Chicago was the Field Museum.

In April 1999, I visited Germany. I loved the big theme park called Europa Park, especially the water ride. We stayed in a nice hotel run by a very nice lady called Frau Wacker. She cooked me eggs with ham in a special way and made very good peach melba. I also liked Baden Baden where we swam in a very warm swimming pool and ate pasta in a restaurant.

In 1998, I visited America and Canada for the first time. I thought the American breakfasts were very good -sausages, pancakes, scrambled eggs, orange juice and other good things. In Washington, we went to a restaurant in a place called Georgetown and I had meat loaf and mashed potatoes. MMMMM. I liked the planetarium at the NASA space museum and the Children's museum with a film camera. I liked New York where I saw a rugrats show. I liked walking in New York and went to a big toy shop. Back in London I love going to the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum.

Here are some of my favourite web sites! They are funny and fun. I also listed some personal sites., My parents', brother's and sister's pages and a new site for my cyberfriends

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