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Among the magnificent ornaments of our metropolis", wrote The Times in 1825,"the Regents Park ranks high in point of utility as well as beauty and is an invaluable addition to the comforts and pleasures of those who reside in the northwest quarter of London It is no small praise to the commissioners of woods and forests that this park is under their special direction. although from the various difficulties they have neccesarily encountered they have been unable to carry out every part of their plan they have done enough to entitle them to the lasting thanks of a grateful public."

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All about the Park

This picture shows a gum tree in Queen Mary's Garden,showing off its magnificent foliage in November..The park's origins date from a happy occurence in 1811 when some farmland on the site of an old royal hunting ground came to end of its lease. The Prince of Wales had just become Prince Regent and John Nash,his architectural friend saw a great opportunity to develop the site with Georgian villas and beautiful parkland.


The Past , Present and Future
The story of the Park covers the Nash houses from Regency times, it covers the formal Victorian Gardens in the Avenue. Then there is the creation of Queen Mary's Gardens in 1936.
There is the redevelopment of the playground the new boathouse and the various sculptures that appear at regular intervals, some permanent. some temporary, including a giant rugby ball that appeared and disappeared in 2001.
In the story of the park trees have grown from saplings to great trees and the flower gardens have changed ,not because of whims in fashion, but because new varieties of flowers, particularly new roses are always appearing. Even in winter when the trees are bare and the only people in the park are joggers, dog walkers and enthusiasts , there is always something unexpected to see and enjoy.

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the park in January

the park in January

I have pages on all the months in the park. I have pages on almost all the parts of the park..

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