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This is the list of links to my Regents Park webpages
Below this picture is a map of Regents Park and Primrose Hill. These are my sites. They begin with a page of pictures taken as you enter the park at Clarence Gate in the bottom left of the map. As you can see there is a lake in the park and you can follow various walks on my webpages. After entering you can go across thr bridge, and there is a page of what you will see if you do this. You could also turn left and walk by the lake going Northwest or turn right and walk by the lake going East. If you cross the bridge you will soon come to the inner circle. Here you will find the secret garden, Queen Mary's Garden and the Holme which is only open twice a year.

This is the walk East along the lake in Regents park which will lead you to Marylebone Green and the English gardens.

Search Engines
West Walk A walk west and north along the lake
The Clarence gate entrance This is where all the walks on the website start from originally.
Yahoo! If you dont turn right (lake east) or left (lake west)you can cross the bridge instead here.
exit to the Inner Circle At this point you can cross the road to Queen Mary's Gardens, or walk round to the Secret Garden, or walk to the Long Bridge, or even go to the formal gardens.Its a circle so it can take you anywhere....

Favorite Sites
Queen Mary's Gardens This is a link to pictures of the lake in Queen Mary's Gardens,mostly taken in April 2000 with lots of pink and white blossom.
The Rose Garden This has pictures of roses from January to December .There are roses for every month except March and April ,and there are pictures of the rosebeds then.
The Holme This is a beautiful place deisgns for peaceful relaxation and meditation.
This is one of the first villas to be built in the park c.1820. It has a lovely Garden and is only rarely open to the public.!
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