A walk from Clarence Gate and onwards
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This page is the beginning of a guided tour of Regents Park...
From this page you can take a virtual walk in Regents Park. Each walk starts from this page.

This shows Clarence Gate the entrance to the park nearest to Baker Street Station
You walk past the flower beds on your left
There are more pictures of this flowerbed, including herons strutting amidst the flowers on another of my pages.
As you get nearer you can see the lake
The lake was made by damming the River Tyburn. There is a smaller lake in Queen Mary's Garden. Both are fed by the Tyburn.
There are more pictures of the lake in Summer, Autumn Spring and Winter on other pages
This was taken in January. A few weeks earlier the lake had been frozen.Take a look at The Park in January
The first walk will take you across the bridge.
If you turn left you can go to Queen Mary's Gardens. TO DO THIS WALK click on
over the bridge.
If you don't cross the bridge and turn right, you can walk along a peaceful stretch of the lake

This will take you to the Eastern edges of the Park where you can admire the formal Avenue Gardens. To see pictures of the avenue gardens go to the Avenue Gardens
To follow the walk that takes you to the avenue go to
A walk to the East
or you can turn left and walk along the boating lake
This will take you towards the mosque , the childrens playground and the zoo.
For this walk go to
a walk to the west