Regent's Park

This is one of the largest of London's Parks.It was laid out by Nash for the Prince Regent after which it is named.Please be patient while the pictures load

This page takes you on a walk along the lake turning left when you enter Clarence Gate, Near Baker street


If you enter the park by the entrance nearest to Baker street,the Clarence Gate the above is what you will see


In front of you will be the boating lake.This is how it looks at the end of summer

and here it is in March

From the lake you have 4 choices. You can turn left and walk along the lake towards the playground and the Mosque. Or you can turn right and walk along the narrow part of lake towards the East of the Park which is illustrated at the top of this page. or cross the bridge and turn left and walk a little, past the bandstand, you come to Queen Mary's Gardens with its famous rose garden.Or you can cross the Bridge and turn right past Regents College which will give you a slightly different view of the lake


There are many birds in the park- herons, ducks, swans and other waterfowl as well as crows, pigeons, seagulls and squirrels

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Here is a swan


and here is another




a view of the lake as you walk northwest


a view of the lake as you approach the children's playground

seen from the Hanover Bridge

After you see this bridge you come to a part of the park where you can walk across to the zoo through the playing fields and on to Primrose Hill, or you can continue along the lake and cross the long bridge, from which you will see this sight, Then you can continue around the inner circle and into the Rose Garden

the first part of a poem about London
The poem continues with the stories of medieval and modern London
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