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The lake in the Rose Garden

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The Secret Garden

More Secret Garden

entering the park

The Secret Garden again

across the Hanover Bridge

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the park in December

the park in February

The lake in the Rose Garden

the park in June

the park in August

the park in October

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More terraces of Regents Park


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Welcome To My Home Page
This page is the home page of my Regent's Park pages..
I have other pages such as a a poem about the history of London, and I plan on having other London pages one day including other Royal parks .
I have begun with Regents Park. I have lived in London all my life except for five years in India when I was aged 7 to 12. There are pages on this too.
If you love London and want to know more about it whether you are a Londoner or someone who has never been here but would like to visit , these pages are for you.

Regents Park is over 400 acres and has lots of delightful places in it. There is the lake, there is Queen Mary's Gardens, there is the zoo, there are wide open green spaces for walking dogs and playing football , there are formal gardens and less formal ones and there is a host of wildlife, squirrels, herons, ducks, swans and more

Among the magnificent ornaments of our metropolis", wrote The Times in 1825,"the Regents Park ranks high in point of utility as well as beauty and is an invaluable addition to the comforts and pleasures of those who reside in the northwest quarter of London It is no small praise to the commissioners of woods and forests that this park is under their special direction. although from the various difficulties they have neccesarily encountered they have been unable to carry out every part of their plan they have done enough to entitle them to the lasting thanks of a grateful public."

Here are some of my non Regents Park sites

My familys home page

a poem about London

My Park Pages
On the links list on "favourite links" on the left in the green background you will find a map of Regent's Park. But here is an explanation of the pages that you will find by clicking on the links on the left.

The first page shows the entrance to the park from Baker Street.The entrance The Second shows Walk number One .It continues as you walk beyond the band stand and towards the gate that leads you to the Inner Circle. Just cross the road and you are into the rose garden.Two more pages reveal the lake in the Rose Garden and the Roses through the seasons.

But Walk number Two instead of taking you over the bridge takes you along the East side of the lake a walk to the east.After walking across Marylebone Green you come to the formal Avenue Gardens and the Ronald Rae statues.

Walk number Three a walk to the westtakes you West of the Lake towards the Mosque and the Childrens Playground.There you can hire a boat, or walk past the sports fields or visit the zoo and Primrose Hill.

More Pages are Ready and more are to come
I am still working on my site .I have recently done a page about the Holme which is a private villa in the park with a lovely garden that is open to the public once or twice a year.I have just made a page of the "secret garden" and yet more pages will show the zoo and Primrose Hill. Bookmark this site and come back soon to see if any new pages have arrived. I also want to display my pictures of the Nash Terraces and scenes of the park in different seasons of the year.I already have some more lovely pictures of the trees in Spring and in Autumn.

email us.

Other things
Please be patient, but there will be lots to see and enjoy when my site is ready!

Spring in Regents Park
And one day, I will have some other Royal Parks to show you.

More of my Regents Park sites
September The Park in September .
Secret Garden The Secret Garden in June and November.
The Holme, an early 19th century villa with a lovely gardenrarely open to the public
March March
July The Park in July.
JanuaryThe month of January.
NovemberThe month of November.
Roses Click here to see a rose for every month of the year except March
May The Park in May.
Birds in the park The Park in May.


so come and explore